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Engineering Love Podcast

Host: Kim Polinder

Welcome to my podcast! Join me as I  deconstruct successful relationship dynamics to help you work artfully to build and maintain your relationships. Whether your relationships are with family, friends, or partners, you have a host of choices when it comes to how you interpret others' actions and communicate what you desire from them. This podcast will give you insight and tools on how to design, build, and maintain healthy interpersonal dynamics.


About the Host

Kim Polinder, M.A., M.S.
Individual & Relationship Coach

My life of 51 years thus far has been a journey involving self-acceptance, trust, and overcoming addictions and coping mechanisms to discover self-worth. I was born in Seoul, Korea and given up when I was 5 months old. I was adopted and grew up in a conservative white Christian family in a small town north of Seattle, WA. I struggled with abandonment issues and feelings of isolation when I was growing up. I came out as gay in my 20s, which created more strain on my already faltering relationship with my family. In my early adult life, I rebelled against the judgmental God from my childhood and eventually circled back to spirituality through energy work and now Bhakti yoga.


I have been practicing meditation for most of my adult life and am an avid student of Eastern philosophy. I have been counseling others for over 10 years and have two master's degrees–-one in Spiritual Psychology and the other in Clinical Mental Health. I spent many years as an IT engineer for a Fortune 500 company which trained me to approach problems by seeking the root cause of issues. My approach to problems includes a balance of both left and right-brained perspectives when it comes to healing emotional pain. While I remain fascinated by metaphysics and energy work, I have found greater fulfillment in assisting others through their emotional and relationship challenges. I focus on your relationship with your thoughts by utilizing tools from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Inner Child work. My work with couples aligns with evidence-based techniques from leaders in the field of relationship therapy, including Esther Perel and Doctors John and Julie Gottman.


My training in clinical mental health and transpersonal psychology has helped me create an integrative approach to the root cause of your suffering. I specialize in giving you tools for couples’ communication, emotional regulation, processing childhood trauma, and navigating anxiety and low self-esteem. At the root level, we all struggle with unworthiness, and my work with you focuses on your limiting thoughts that keep you in maladaptive behavioral patterns. I help you to realize that you are not fundamentally broken and teach you tools to move forward in new self-supporting ways.


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